Terms And Conditions

Validity of Quote

These rates will remain firm for a period of 7 days from the date of this quote and are subject to any statutory increases that may occur in the future. This quote may be subject to force majeure, prevailing road conditions and vehicle availability. The quote is based on dimensions and weights provided and if these are found to be in excess of the standard vehicle we reserve the right to amend the rates accordingly and recover any costs incurred as a result thereof.

Standing Time and Demurrage

Please be advised that three hours standing time is allowed for loading and off-loading thereafter a standing time charge will be levied. The standing time levy of R700.00 per hour will be raised for collection and deliveries taking more than the prescribed allowed period.

Off Loading and Loading

All transport transactions will be carried out on receipt of full written instructions. Should a vehicle be turned away by the Consignee due to their inability to off-load, the vehicle will be transported to a suitable storage facility and stored. The vehcile will be redelivered on written request but all the resultant costs involved will be for the Principals account. Any cancellations must be advised within 24 hours prior to the intended time of loading.

Futile Trips / Available Date

On collection of a vehicle if it is not available at the agreed time a futile trip expense will be levied and alternative collection time/date will need to be arranged.


Should vehicle not be declared as a non-runner on the quote/instruction but found to be a non-runner on collection or receipt at the yard, a further cost will be incurred. Not all non-runners can be transported and it will be at the discretion of the carriers and Combine Freight.


All transport movements arranged by Combine Freight will be covered by the TRANSPORTERS insurance on their “Catastrophe Insurance Cover”. This covers where the carrier is involved in an accident or overturns and the vehicles, as a result are damaged, hijacking or obvious carrier negligence.

A claim must be submitted within 24 hours.

Dents, scratches, cracks and anything mechanical WILL NOT BE covered by the policy.

Please note that each claim will be handled individually on the merits of circumstances and damages leading up to that specific claim.



Payment is to be effected on instruction unless account is held with Combine Frieght. The above rates are exclusive of VAT. Payments may not be withheld in the event of a dispute. It is agreed that the Durban/Pinetown magisterial area is nominated for all disputes. All attorney/client costs for the client if referred to them for collection, and interest thereof.

Documents & Personal Items

It is recommended that no document or personal items are placed in the vehicle for transport other than items associated with the vehicle. Eg: Spare Wheel, Wheel spanner and Jack. Should anything be placed in the car it WILL NOT BE COVERED BY INSURANCE AND CANNOT BE REPLACED SHOULD IT GO MISSING IN TRANSIT.

We thank you for your enquiry and look forward to being of service to you in the future.

A full set of our Standard Trading Terms and Conditions is available on request.